Wardstone is an scripted defense to curb ripped assets in areas where it is deployed. Originally targeted at returning vehicles made my accused mesh thieves.
The next iteration will have a wider scope.

Note: Wardstone runs on a webhost that costs money. The keylist is maintained during Rez’s available time. Donations are appreciated


  • Detects objects in a sim / parcel area created by accused content thieves using sensors, raycast, etc.
  • Content Theft keylist is maintained online and updated regularly by a ‘
  • Responds by informing object owner, notifying land managers, or returning the object, depending on local settings
  • API script calls allow for creators to check linksets for assets originated by content theifs
  • Keylist and supporting evidence accessible on Wardstone blog and API script calls.


  • Wardstone Area Server (“The Wardstone”)
    • Scans region using avatar trackers and wandering probes,
    • Responds to objects from banned creators as deemed necessary by manager
  • Wardstone Lookup API
    • Script functions that scan a linkset for blacklisted creator keys
  • Wardstone Website (pending)
    • Lists creators and evidence supporting accusation of theft

The Keylist

The Wardstone Keylist is maintained by Rez Gray. Accused content theives will be documented with supporting evidence where possible.
And while at some point every creator may have uploaded something for ‘study’, we are in those targeting creators who uploaded entire libraries of assets for dissemination, or for profiting off of someone’s work without compensation.

A creator may be listed as an asset thief if…

  • If we can easily find the exact asset, or the asset before blender-aided reduction on an asset site, forum, or market.
  • If the asset came straight from a video game.
  • If you are repackaging / ripping SL content for resale against the terms of the original license
  • If your marketplace page or store is mostly the above.